Space Cowboys – 2000

Space Cowboys - 2000 - Clint Eastwood Movies


When a retired engineer is called upon to rescue a failing satellite, he insists that his equally old teammates accompany him into space.



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Space Cowboys - 2000 - Clint Eastwood Movies

Cast (first billed)

  • Clint Eastwood – Frank Corvin
  • Tommy Lee Jones – Hawk Hawkins
  • Donald Sutherland – Jerry O’Neill
  • James Garner – Tank Sullivan


  • Clint Eastwood


In the 1950’s, one of the first satellites was launched. Today, it is malfunctioning and threatening the Earth, and the original astronaut (Eastwood) is asked to go and do repairs. He wants three old air force buddies to go with him into space for the last time and fix it.

Critical Reception

“Best movie of the summer.” – San Francisco Chronicle – Bob Graham

“One of the best entertainments this season has yet offered.” – The New York Times – Dana Stevens

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