Bird – 1988

Bird - 1988 - Clint Eastwood Movies


The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie “Bird” Parker.



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Bird - 1988 - Clint Eastwood Movies

Cast (first billed)

  • Forest Whitaker – Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker
  • Diane Venora – Chan Parker
  • Michael Zelniker – Red Rodney
  • Samuel E. Wright – Dizzy Gillespie


  • Clint Eastwood


Bird, a film burnished with the magic of that 1946 concert encounter between legend and future legend and honored with an Academy Award for Best Sound in its spellbinding recreation of a man and his music. Like jazz itself, Bird rings with counterpoints and embellishments. Past and future overlap as the film explores Yardbird’s soaring skill and destructive excesses. (Warner Bros.)

Critical Reception

“In a remarkable directorial effort, Eastwood shows a great flair for atmosphere and composition and presents a nuanced, complex, humane portrait of Parker’s talents, obstacles, virtues and failings. Whitaker gives a towering performance as the tortured musical genius, and Venora is equally impressive as the independent, compassionate Chan.” – TV Guide – Staff (Not Credited)

“A compelling mix of music and misery as Bird flushes himself down the can.” – Empire Staff (Not Credited)

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