Pale Rider – 1985

Pale Rider - 1985 - Clint Eastwood Movies


A mysterious preacher protects a humble prospector village from a greedy mining company trying to encroach on their land.



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Pale Rider - 1985 - Clint Eastwood Movies

Cast (first billed)

  • Clint Eastwood – Preacher
  • Michael Moriarty – Hull Barret
  • Carrie Snodgress – Sarah Wheeler
  • Chris Penn – Josh LaHood


  • Clint Eastwood


A gold mining camp in the California foothills is besieged by a neighboring landowner intent on stealing their claims. A preacher rides into camp and uses all of his powers of persuasion to convince the landowner to give up his attacks on the miners.

Critical Reception

“Definitely the greatest western of the 80’s,” – Mike – IMDB

“Though not Eastwood’s best western it is nevertheless good enough to wish that he had made more of them.” – BSMITH5552 – IMDB

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