Absolute Power – 1997

Absolute Power - 1997 - Clint Eastwood Movies


A career thief witnesses a horrific crime involving the U.S. President.



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Absolute Power - 1997 - Clint Eastwood Movies

Cast (first billed)

  • Clint Eastwood – Luther Whitney
  • Gene Hackman – President Allen Richmond
  • Ed Harris – Seth Frank
  • Laura Linney – Kate Whitney


  • Clint Eastwood


He was where he shouldn’t have been, saw what he shouldn’t have seen. But who’ll believe the word of a career thief and ex-con (Eastwood) when he says he saw a woman killed — and that the man responsible is the President of the United States? (Warner Bros)

Critical Reception

“A first-rate thriller about arrogance at the top.” – San Francisco Chronicle – Mick LaSalle

“A film that is entertaining but not seriously absorbing.” – Empire – Angie Errigo

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